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True Boys Teams

Develop. Partner. Succeed.

Over 1,500 recruited and counting

True Lacrosse Travel Teams are designed to accommodate players of all skill levels. We offer the highest quality lacrosse education for our members ensuring the highest level of coaching available; offering more practices than other club teams; and ensuring competitive tournament play.  This carefully crafted method provides an unparalleled level of competition and allows our players to continuously improve resulting in more college commitments than any other club program in the region.  IT MATTERS!

Levels Within True

True National Team
The True Lacrosse National Team is comprised of the best players from around the country. Players must meet our criteria of being an elite lacrosse player with high character. They also must currently play on a True Lacrosse All Star Team. True Lacrosse wants players who will appreciate the opportunity to play with extremely talented players in the most competitive tournament each year. 

The True National Team participates in the number one recruiting tournament in the country  - the NSCLA tournament. Prior to NSCLA, players attend a four-day training camp at Culver Academies and then  travel by bus to the NSCLA Tournament. The True National Coaching staff is comprised of current professional players and college coaches.

State Teams
The True Lacrosse All Star State Teams are intended to showcase the most talented players. We seek players that personify our high athletic, academic, and personal standards while excelling as a teammate. In order to ensure that these players will be able to perform against the country’s top talent, these teams compete in the country’s most competitive tournaments. 

The True Lacrosse All Star State Teams are designed to get players to the next competitive level; those who are selected for one of these teams will play with intensity unmatched by any other lacrosse club and be coached by the best coaches in Florida.

Regional Teams
True Lacrosse Elite Teams are for those individuals who are serious about improving their skills and playing lacrosse in college. 75% of Regional team players go on to play college lacrosse.  True Elite Regional Teams compete at high level recruiting events in the Midwest and on the east coast. 

True Elite players receive consistent individualized evaluations to foster skill development and growth. We seek players that personify our high athletic, academic, and personal standards while excelling as a teammate.

True Elite teams are coached by current professional players and college coaches. 

True Community Teams
True community teams are available for current youth organizations or high school programs that would like to have their players playing together throughout the year with our guidance. Please contact us directly for details.