Girls' Programs


Program Details

General Contact Info:
Elizabeth Gainer | FL Girls Director | 856.745.5269

Heather Ballew | FL Girls Director of Operations | 410.991.3074

Main Location:
Premier Sports Complex
5895 Post Blvd
Bradenton, FL 34211

Team Categories:
High School Elite | High School Select | High School
Middle School Elite | Middle School Select | Middle School
Elementary School (beginners - intermediate)

Graduation Years

High School
9th-12th Grade
(2026, 2025, 2024 & 2023)

Middle School
6th-8th Grade
(2029, 2028, & 2027)

Elementary School
1st-5th Grade
(2034, 2033, 2032, 2031, & 2030)


Our Elite squad at each age group offers the highest skilled True Lacrosse players the opportunity to come together to develop, compete and get recruited. The program participates in competitive tournaments throughout the year challenging players in the highest competitive brackets.


Our Select players are serious about improving their skills and competing in high level competition. These players receive consistent individualized evaluations to foster their development and growth.

School Age Beginners

Beginners of all ages invited to join the True Nation to learn basic skills and fundamentals of the game. This is the best way to compete while having some fun learning a new sport or improve your skills to prepare for the next level.

*** All information about specific teams can only be found on your TeamSnap. Please contact your coach for access to your TeamSnap account. Due to privacy reasons, we do not list specific team information on the public website. ***


Select Team

Elite Team

Beginners Team