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True Commitments

At True Lacrosse, nothing is more rewarding than seeing our players realize their dreams and gain entry to the college or university of their choice to continue their lacrosse career. We are tireless in our efforts to guide our players to achieving this goal, and our players are equally committed to their game and their education. Below is the list of True Lacrosse players who have gone on to play at the collegiate level.

Historical Past Committed Players

2023 Commitments

Caleb Coleman - Vermont
Percy Roopnarine - Michigan - Dearborn
Gabe Cairns

2022 Commitments

Patirk Mcgrath - Assumption
Sammy Steingold - Assumption
Nicky Vreeland - Florida Tech
Josh Hughes - Hampton
Ramsey Choueiri - St. Leo
Dylan Alexander - Lake Forest
Brant Shuckman - Lake Forest

2021 Commitments

Christian Laureano - Mercer
Gabe Clark - Le Moyne
Josh Kelly - St. Leo
Brandon Perkins - Limestone
Bobby Melia - Coker
Rob Gadomski - Lander
Macky Peck - Denison
Will Horn - Flagler
Trey Bradford - Ohio Northern
Emerson Windom - Webber
Kyle Wiegand - Webber
Eiyad Baker - Onondaga
Anthony Fayette - Assumption